The Osprey’s at Belmont Bay Wedding photography

We will never forget this wedding. Everything started with a plane that would take us from Cartagena to Fort Lauderdale, as the first scale, in a 3-hour tour that we enjoyed among PopCorners, movies without sound (because we forgot the headphones) and laughter (while we invented the dialogues of the movies). From there, another plane would take us to Baltimore, MD near the place where – years ago – would begin the love story of Jamie and Hayley.

Very few know where Lovettsville, VA is. There are no hotels there and you find very few places for rent. But it is the most fantastic place we have known so far. As the roads become narrower and the paved route ends, our heart skipped with excitement among «country roads» – a song we played over and over again – and be able to spot deer and fawns that pass along the road. There, in little Lovettsville, would begin the adventure of documenting Jamie and Hayley’s wedding photographs.

What are weddings? It’s not about how much you spend, or how big is going to be the party, or how expensive is the venue you rented. It’s about a couple (obviously!) who decide to commit to love and be together forever. But it is also about two families that decide in love, to support such a transcendental decision. It is about many people who love each other and who walk through the differences to find a common point that makes them be united in good times and bad. It’s about silent prayers for those you love. It is about giving in for the happiness of the children. It is about sacrifice. It’s about that: love. And that was Jamie and Hayley’s wedding. Because in it, not only were they sealing their love with a promise, but also each of their parents, brothers, uncles, and friends: the promise to be united, regardless of the circumstances.

What can we say as wedding photographers? We loved the results. Being at a wedding in the United States is like a dream and it has come true twice now and in such beautiful places as The Osprey’s at Belmont Bay and Prince William Marina Woodbridge in Virginia. But better than that is to be able to learn these little great life lessons that two families give us, and who have now united thanks to this beautiful couple.

And if we can add just one thing for Jamie and Hayley, apart from these photos that will be part of their legacy for their generations, it is this: human love is fragile, often selfish, finite. But if you run to the source of life, love rejuvenates, becomes strong, and endures. And this source of life is Christ.

PD: Jamie, did you see?: it’s not about how big and fancy the wedding is. It’s about how much love there is in her.
Rehearsal dinner: Prince William Marina
Getting ready, ceremony and reception: The Osprey’s at Belmont Bay Wedding photography
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The Osprey’s at Belmont Bay Wedding photography