Wedding Cartagena San Pedro Claver Church

One of the most important aspects of love is good humor: life with the person you love should be charged with good humor, with smiles, silly games, ridiculous faces… During the almost nine years that we have been together, we have learned that for serious things we have already the news (and work, study, space for add whatever you want) and that we have each other to remind us that life is still beautiful. So we have sought to build a relationship where, although Gabo has a very loose sense of humor or I tell very bad jokes, we can laugh at one another, or enjoy the stories we tell, or sing with Britney Spears in the endless times we travel between Barranquilla and Cartagena (Britney? LOL!), or simply make fun of our ideas while we ramble on some topic.

When we started working for Angie and Carlos in their wedding photography, in the beautiful city of Cartagena de Indias, we were delighted to see that they were also the kind of couples that learn to put humor in the circumstances, that they laugh intensely for everything, who are not afraid of being themselves and who have not lost the inner child. Running, jumping or throwing colored powders in the pre-wedding was just a small sample of what would come on the day of the wedding, where they did not stop smiling and having fun, even when we took them back through the streets of the walled city to make their photoshoot right after the wedding ceremony, with the heat of the afternoon and their wedding gowns.

The nicest thing was to see that the good vibes did not come only from Angie and Carlos, but it was an inheritance that they had received from their own family. Seeing parents, siblings, and uncles being so happy for them was a precious gift. Now to see them all together celebrating the love in these photographs is a new legacy not only for themselves but for those who come in the future. I am sure that – like Angie and Carlos – the next generations of this new family will not only enjoy having a great sense of humor, but to see how their parents, grandparents, great grandparents and rest of the family were together one night in happiness thanks to a marriage, and the rest of their lives thanks to love.

Angie and Carlos: may the games, the laughter, the comments without sense, the «do not take things too seriously» or singing any song together, never end. Feed it. If you do, we are sure that in 60 years we can repeat these photos and find the same beautiful results.

Preparations and reception: Hotel Estelar Cartagena de Indias
Ceremony: San Pedro Claver Church
Wedding Planner: SMomento Eventos y Bodas
Decoration: Nei Nieto
Household: Alcira Guevara
Production: Ritmo Producciones
Music: Rubén y la Cartagena All-Stars
Crazy Hour: Ekobios
Wedding Cartagena San Pedro Claver Church

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