JESSICA & DANIEL | Club Campestre wedding

Wedding | Barranquilla

We do not believe in luck. Luck implies a fact that we do not believe in and is that there are things that are out of control. Instead, we believe in destiny. When you believe in destiny, you know that every detail is controlled and that what is yours will come to you, regardless of language, distance, differences and obstacles.

That’s why this wedding was not luck: it was destiny. As wedding photographers, it had been a while since we wanted to photograph a wedding where the protagonists were not the decoration, the buffet or the money spent. Where attention is not focused on those details, which are beautiful but not the most important, but in the celebration of love. Where people matter, from the gentlemen who clean the venue, to the most beloved guest. Where we could document not only what we normally see in a marriage, but all the love behind it. Where people were connected more than by a social commitment, by friendship, affection and familiarity.

And this wedding was the fulfillment of that. It was our destiny. When Mrs. Myrna came to us, to speak on behalf of Dani and Jessi what they were looking for in their photos, the emotion was enormous. When we were finally chosen, we knew that we had something bigger in our hands than the gigantic weddings we have been in, because here we had in our hands the hearts and hopes of these wonderful people.

And yes: they were three days of pure heart. And we hope that you can see everything in this post, the first of the year and probably one of the ones that we have had the most affection. Today we toast for more weddings like this, for more couples like this and for more families like this. Love exists, you just need to open your eyes to see it in the small details.

Bridal Make up: Jorge Centeno Salon & Spa Getting Ready: Movich Buro 51 Hotel Barranquilla
Ceremony & Reception: Club Campestre del Caribe
Orchestra: Fausto Chatella
Ceremony music: Azul Caribe

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