Hacienda Santa Monica Medellin Colombia

It was an adventure, perhaps one of the best we had in 2019. For many photographers, traveling to do wedding photography is a dream, but for us, the dream is to find couples like Juliana and Alex.

We have traveled a good part of the country taking wedding photos and we have seen all kinds of couples. The funniest, the most tender, the smiling, the most serious. We carry them all in our hearts, because we have received from each one of them a vote of confidence that is immense: photographing one of the most important days in the history of a couple. But Juli and Alex have a special place, because in addition to putting all their trust in us (photographers from Barranquilla and Cartagena) and taking us to Medellín, they gave us the most beautiful and sincere moments that we have been able to witness in a wedding as perfect as theirs.

Medellín has many beautiful places to celebrate marriages, but Hacienda Santa Monica was the main stage chosen to celebrate love. The place is a modern hacienda, with incredible spaces filled with the green so characteristic of the Antioquia region, but also interior spaces perfect for a wedding with many guests. You can judge by the photographs.

The most beautiful surprise was being able to go to one of the many beautiful little towns outside Medellin, to celebrate the ceremony. The novelty was not only for us, but also for many of the residents who were waiting for the bride’s arrival. And right there, when she came in, Alex’s tears of emotion did not wait: the moment had arrived. The masterfully performed music gave way to the most beautiful bride, and Alex knew it. When the covenant of love was sealed with a kiss, the church erupted in deafening applause, which was nothing more than the joy of all of us present, celebrating that a couple with so much love sealed their wedding vows before God.

From then on everything was just wonderful. There were many hours of words of love, toasts, hugs and dance, but they felt like nothing, because the happiness was not only of the bride and groom and the guests, but also ours. Being there was an experience that we will never forget and today we thank Juli and Alex for allowing us.

Today, since quarantine, we allow ourselves to dream of the moment when we once again celebrate that love exists. We will laugh and cry again, with emotion always, because there are people who love, because we will return to work (our passion) and because we will witness, once again, that love has not died out, that its flame shines stronger every day.

Venue: Hacienda Santa Monica Medellín Colombia

Wedding Planner: Tu cuento

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