How much does it cost to hire them and what is included?

Since we do not want you to worry about on your wedding day, but enjoy it completely, we have different plans that include us both as photographers and everything you need, from the basics to the best of the best. No buts, no surprises, no delays. Get in touch with us to find out about all our wedding packages and prices!

How long in advance should we hire them?

We usually have dates that are up to 9 months in advance, so the sooner you depart the better, that way you ensure our availability to be on your wedding day. Get in touch with us to verify our availability, we are here to serve you!

How many photographers will be at my wedding?

You will have two photographers for your wedding – Gabo & Mafe – or another talented photographer in case one of the two is not available for your date (but for these cases – which are very rare in the year – there will always be Gabo or Mafe to cover your wedding ).

We would like to meet you, but we do not live in Colombia or the northern coast of Colombia. Is there an alternative?

Many of our couples hire us without a meeting on site. We can communicate by email or make a call and we will answer your concerns. However, we like to schedule video appointments using Skype. Many of our clients who live outside of our city or country have done so, and we love it! We will always find a way or method that works for both.

I do not like to pose, do I have to do it?

No. Not at all. The idea is to have a great time on your wedding day, we do not like the poses and forced expressions. The only moments in which it would be “necessary” to pose is in the couple portraits, but thanks to our way of working, we will make them feel relaxed and not rigid, that’s for sure!

What is a Pre-Wedding and Post-Wedding session?

They are sessions for the couple that take place at another time different from the day of the wedding. The pre-wedding sessions are done a few days before the big day and you can use these images to remember your commitment, use them for your invitations or as part of your wedding decoration (the possibilities are endless!)

The post-wedding sessions are done the next day of the wedding or a few days later, where we will take pictures without the desire to comply with the marriage schedule and where you can use your dress quietly without fear of dirtying it.

Both sessions last one and a half hours and the location is chosen by you (beach, a natural landscape, the city, wherever you want to go!).

How many photos do you deliver on my wedding day?

It depends on the package you choose. You can be sure of something: we always give you everything and all the photos will be incredible!

How is the quality of the photos they deliver?

They are high resolution photos, without logos and ready to print in digital format.

How long does it take to deliver the work?

20 business days. We will be doing a processing of all the images that are included in your package, we want you to have the best results.

Do you print photos?

Yes, we print them in a Photobook. We believe that the best way to preserve this visual legacy for many years is in a resistant, beautiful and high quality product. Therefore we recommend that you have the photobook as the best option for your impressions.

How is the Photobook?

How many pages and images will my Photobook bring?

There are at least 75 photos, but you can add more at an additional cost per page.

Do you make traditional portraits?

Of course! Our style is documentary, but definitely family portraits are super important in the history of your wedding. We make these shots at the time of the reception and some in the preparations, after that your guests will only be dedicated to enjoy the wedding.

In which cities do you take wedding photos?

In all cities! We live between Cartagena, Barranquilla and Santa Marta – Colombia, but we do weddings all over the world (we have been in New York, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Panama, Medellin, Villavicencio, Cali and other cities within Colombia!). Do not hesitate to contact us, we have plans with “all inclusive” and you will only have to worry about enjoying your great day!

Why should we choose you?

Each of us has a story to tell, because we are all special. Telling your story goes beyond a beautiful photo, tell your story will be able to leave a visual legacy to future generations, to be remembered, so that they are inspired. That is our job: we are here to build a legacy for you with our vision. Because everyone can take pictures, but not everyone can tell good stories with photographs.